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In Fluffy Defenders you will travel through Fluffyland to incarnate "Arthur" in his first mission that aims to reunite all the lost dream catchers and thus face the nightmarish beings. Along the way, adorable beings known as "Yana Yana" will help you overcome obstacles and face the most fearsome enemies.

Published 40 days ago
AuthorFluffy Team
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, 8-bit, Arcade, Cute, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Creo que los controles pueden ser un poco incomodos, yo refinaría la combinacion de teclas, A y D para moverse pero la barra espaciadora para saltar? Mi reflejo es saltar con W, por ejemplo. Buen trabajo igualmente! El personaje es cute y la jugabilidad un poco atrapante

Hey guys i look it up the game and finished.Actually i didn't like it.

Sprites are good but i can't tell good for game play as well.

It was really hard to hit anyone.If i wanna hit someone i had to stay and wait them to come than you can kill them with out taking any damage.I just wanna hit and kill enemies while i am running on them.You guys can think "this is the way for playing our game".It's okey it is just a suggestion.Last level was a bit hard not because it is well placed traps.It is about colliders.If you are near to them you are hearted.Eventhough you never touch them.I think you should change colliders for player or traps.

Hmmm what is next?Yeah music!..

It was as just, i can't describe that.It was like someone stabbing my ears.Just kidding it is not that bad but while i was playing 13 level i just want to close the music.I just don't like it.

Some of the ui element blury you should fix that as well.

Lastly, this game should be a mobile game.With this gameplay i don't think this game compite with other 2d pc platformer games.I think this game have to develop a while cause it has a potential you shound't waste it.Good luck ^^

This game is blatantly ripping off the backgrounds and textures from Shovel Knight. Good job, team.

Thanks sullivan.b ! We take several references of the shovel knight art :D. More content coming soon!

I hope you enjoy knowing that you lack the skill so you steal others' work. P.S., the highly detailed Shovel Knight art makes your character sprites look even shittier.

I hope you enjoy knowing that you lack the skill so you steal others' work. P.S., the highly detailed Shovel Knight art makes your character sprites look even shittier.

Muy buen juego, buena dinámica y sugiere una posible evolución muy buena!!, me diverti bastante!! y lo recomiendo!.

Very nice, it's fun, it's cute, it's got charm.  There's even a bit of a challenge, and I can onl imagine it would get harder with future levels.  There quite a few mechanics, the wall jump can be a bit annoying to control, but they all seem to ork fairly well.  Can't wait to see what a boss battle may bring.  My little bear friend is gonna bring the pain!  Nice work dev, and thanks for letting me know about it :)


it's Awesome!!! Even better the second time!!! Bring more episodes please 

Thanks you very much Solidsnale! The next days we upload a new update with new features and more content!

Hi team. 

Just finished the game. Nice work. I need more episodes!!!

Thanks for your support haomaruu!! More content coming soon! A few new leveles and a boss fight :D

Just finished the game.

Quite fun gameplay! I really like the background pixel art! Congrats, you're doing pretty well!

Only advice would be to fix some of the UI being blurry & also when wall jumping too much, the character moves outside the view; otherwise, good luck with your game!

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Thanks for your time Arian! and thanks for your advice too! more content is coming soon! And again, your game is really amazing! 

this should be fine

Thanks for the video! :D more content is coming!

Charming gameplay, love the floating castle


It´s awesome!!!!! 

Oh! Thanks for that!

It's a very cute game!! 


Beautiful game!!! The art is so cute.

Thanks! :D

Had a lot of fun playing your game so thank you for mentioning it to me :D Had the right level of challenge I think as I found levels hard but not so hard that I felt like I wanted to quit. Look forward to seeing more from FLUFFY DEFENDERS!! 

Hi Capill! Thanks you very much for this amazing and funny video! We are happy to know that you like the game! New updates and more content coming soon!

Excellent Video!!!

I thought Fluffy Defenders is a pretty cool game> So I made a little video about it. To show off some  gameplay. Hope you will enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

Hey Will! Thanks you very much for the video! it was funny! Content and new update coming soon! 

All it needs to be perfect is a little bit of story.

Thanks you very much for this amazing video Indiependent! Yes, in the next update we will fix some bugs and add more content, 

even part of the story: in fact this game is the beginning of a great grand narrative universe! Thanks again for the gameplay and feedback!

It's cute!

Hi Raithias! excellent video! we really appreciate your support!  thanks you very much! we hope that you enjoyed playing it!

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"story rich" tag

Hi! thanks for that nice and cool video :D. yes, that tag was a mistake, already fixed.

Played as Yogi Bear (I think) and killed some stuff. Not a bad way to start the day. Keep it up.

Hi DrMonkeystein! amazing video, it was fan! ;D Thanks for play it!


Nice, very nice. I had a quickplay and did a video and enjoyed it. Thanks DEVS



Thanks for that pretty video!! is very important for us that people like you play and show our game! We hope that you enjoy it! more chapters and additional content is coming soon!!

Short but sweet. :) More Fluffy Defenders chapters please. 

Thanks for that great video!! We hope that you enjoy the game! more chapters and additional content is coming soon!!

I did enjoy it. Can't wait for more adventures and to get an idea what the dream catchers are for.. in the game world. :)